Jinli Group Holdings Limited(Cayman)

Jinli Group Holdings Limited (Cayman) (hereon after referred to as the Company, the Group or Jinli Company) was established in the British Cayman Islands on December 15, 2010, and completed company reorganization in April 2011. The Group’s important investment projects include: Jinli Group Holdings Limited (Bermuda), Topoint Group Limited, Dragon Flair Limited (Longhui Co., Ltd.), Golden Apple (HK) Int’l Trading Co. Limited (Golden Apple (Hong Kong) International Trade Limited Company), Million Win Creation Limited (Austin Creation Co., Ltd.), Aiqi (Fujian) Shoes Model Co., Ltd, Golden Apple (China) Co., Ltd (Golden Apple (China) Co., Ltd (Golden Apple ( China) Co., Ltd., Changtai Golden Apple Industrial Co., Ltd. and Leading International Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Aiqi (Fujian) Shoes & Plastic Co., Ltd. is the founding company of the Group.

Company Profile

The Group primarily runs and operates its business on: fashion casual footwear, sports footwear; manufacture and sale of: casual apparel (including denim apparel) and accessories. Target demographics are: authorized agents and trading companies of footwear within China’s domain. The Company sells its products to consumers in China through authorized agents at various provinces (municipalities). Besides maintaining long-term and stable partnerships with authorized agents, as well as footwear trading entities, the Company keeps abreast with the latest direction of market development and fashion trends. This enables the Company to design products that fulfill fashion styles and consumer demands.
It is hoped that it can stand firm in the Taiwanese facial mask market and then seize the opportunities in China ’s huge facial mask market.


●The subsidiary Aiqi (Fujian) was established in 1998, and leased office and production equipment from Jinjiang Aiqi and Jinjiang Longfei to engage in OEM of footwear brands. In 2000, there were more than 20 contract manufacturers. In 1999, it won the title of Advanced Unit and Model Taxpayer. Start planning for its own brand of shoes.

●Began to invest in G-APPLE shoe store. Won the gold medal of the 3rd Jinjiang International Footwear Expo. Quanzhou Local Taxation Bureau was rated as Class A enterprise.

●Began to engage in the design and production of casual wear and related accessories. In the same year, Koo Tianle was invited to endorse, appeared in TV commercials, and launched "Tianchi" (popular sports shoes) on the market. Won the "Fujian Famous Brand Product", "Quanzhou Well-known Trademark", "Advanced Enterprise" and "2001 Annual Statistical Integrity Unit Title".
●Establish G-APPLE sports and leisure shoes brand products.
●Quanzhou State Taxation Bureau was rated as Class A taxpayer.

●Develop new G-APPLE series products such as "Flying Around", "Phantom" and "Phantom".
●Won the "Gold Medal of the Fifth Jinjiang International Footwear Expo", "Fujian Famous Trademark", "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Quanzhou", "Advanced Enterprise" and "National Inspection Exemption for Product Quality".
●Quanzhou Local Taxation Bureau was rated as Class A taxpayer.

●Quanzhou State Taxation Bureau and Quanzhou Local Taxation Bureau were rated as tax-paying credit A-level enterprises.
●Quanzhou State Taxation Bureau was rated as Class A taxpayer.

●Established Golden Apple (China) Co., Ltd.
●Won the "2004 Quality Management Advanced Enterprise" and "China Famous Brand Product".

●Begin to focus on the establishment of specialty stores.
●Awarded the "Top Ten Most Influential Brands in China" in the sporting goods category by the World Brand Lab.
●Won the "Fujian Excellent Quality Management Unit from 2005 to 2006", "Advanced Enterprise for Creating Famous Brands from 2003 to 2005", "Fujian Famous Brand" and "Top 100 Quanzhou Brands Favorited by Teenagers on the Strait".
●Obtained the product (travel shoes) quality exemption certificate issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

●3 new shoe assembly production lines were added.

●Golden Apple (China) stepped into casual wear, adding jeans elements.
●Won the "2007 Fujian Quality Management Advanced Enterprise" and "Fujian Famous Brand Product".
●Obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality control system certification issued by Fujian Southeast Standard Certification Center.

●The Golden Apple brand was ranked 500th in the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of RMB 801 million.
●Won the "2008 Customer Satisfaction Service".
●Obtained SA 8000: 2008 social responsibility standard certification.

●The company was established in Cayman as the holding parent company of the group and the main body to apply for the first listing in Taiwan.
●There are a total of five shoe assembly lines, 29 shoe upper sewing production lines and four clothing sewing production lines.
●Launched the G-APPLE JEANS series.
●The Golden Apple brand was ranked 439th in the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of RMB 1.501 billion.
●Won the "China Brand Capital 100 Best Companies Caring for Employees".
●Quanzhou State Taxation Bureau was rated as A-level taxpayer with tax credit.

●Launch the E.T brand.
●The Golden Apple brand was ranked 445th in the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of RMB 1.865 billion.
●Complete the reorganization of the group structure. Established Xiamen brand operation headquarters.

●The Golden Apple brand was ranked 448th in the "500 Most Valuable Brands in China" by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of RMB 2.489 billion.

●Won the "Fujian Famous Brand Product".
●The Golden Apple brand was ranked 454th in the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab, with a brand value of RMB 2.189 billion.
●After the resolution of the shareholders meeting, it came to Taiwan to apply for the first listing. The company completed the public issuance of stocks and registered in the counter.
●The company issues convertible corporate bonds.

●The Group plans to build and develop Taiwan's cosmetics brand operation center.
●Start planning the Meiaimei brand.
●Began to develop facial masks for beauty products.

●Increased capital to Lead International Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and acquired 51% of the equity.
●Officially launched 8 facial masks, including the floral water series and the marine series, 3 moisturizing facial cleansers, and 3 maintenance and rejuvenating oils, which were sold in well-known cosmeceutical chain channels and online stores.

●Actively expand the shoe processing business.
●Taiwan has developed and sold five facial masks including Le Cui, and the sales channels are concentrated on e-commerce platforms.

●Authorization of the Meiaimei brand in China.

●Actively expand the foreign trade order business.

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